08 Feb 2013


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The Earth had been destroyed by the greed of humans. It’s air could not be inhaled without
risk of developing serious disease. Earth’s final refugees abandoned the planet and a new homeworld Kyumi (“Kai-yoo-mi”) was discovered and populated a few centuries ago.

Everything on Kyumi lives in relative harmony. Whilst people harvest its resources, they do so wisely. Growing animals for meat has been abandoned. Meats are now only manufactured and the only harvested crops are plants, vegetables, and fruits.

United Command, a multifunctional organisation founded by earth’s ancient engineers and scientists is guarding the balance of life.

Criminality has reached a historic low because of the work of the United Command Enforcers,
the equivalent of earth’s ancient police but trained in a wide multitude of arts, guard their citizens against all harm.

So, everything is perfect until, one day, without warning, an asteroid is discovered heading towards Kyumi. United Command’s Aerospace Administration carefully studies the asteroid’s trajectory and warns its citizens of the impending danger.

Efforts to divert the impact fail and the asteroid strikes Kyumi. United Command, along with its remaining Enforcers, is challenged to surpass the chaos and restore balance to the world. But it will be a hard task with crime, murder, and everything evil in men rising again, like a plague in the wake of the chaos.

Food is becoming scarcer than ever. The good survivors must face the fallen and fight to restore the peace. Throughout the story, more and more characters appear and their fates intertwine as new places and creatures are discovered along the way.

This is a story of survival on a semi-apocalyptic world, a world that can be saved. Hope will carry them through, until the end.


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